Our Services

Veco Middle East assists and guides the client through the complexities of corporate, fiscal and administrative that might arise in executing a business project.  

We offer a vast range of personalized consulting services bearing the hallmark of discretion and international expertise.

Veco Middle East’s network, partners and correspondents affords such a wide geographical spread that it is able to offer entrepreneurs an extensive range of corporate services worldwide.

Clients derive added advantages from being able to operate within their own time zone, in their own language and their own culture through professionals attentive to their specificities and acting as their interface with the world.

This enable our Clients to concentrate his own capabilities on project development whilst entrusting non- strategic company services to our specialized consultants.

Veco Middle East provides you an independent consulting and integrated supervision in connection with the optimization of your business.

Our services address those faced with the complexities of a generational transition in their business, people who need strategies capable of guaranteeing the continuity and profitability of their personal wealth.

International planning is fundamental to effective international business activity. Planning your moves enables you to reap maximum benefit from situations by anticipating possible variables and choosing the best course for attaining your goal.

Our intervention at this stage is customized, both for companies having simple commercial dealings with other countries as well as to those deploying structures and assets abroad.
Experience, dynamism and knowledge are the ingredients of service with a wide spectrum: our consultants are ready to analyze your situation and projects so as to devise personalized strategies for even further enhancing the profitability of your capabilities.

Reap the benefits of globalization without the risks and investments. Veco Middle East places at the disposal of clients an extensive pool of contacts on which to draw new commercial search engines and its own vast experience in import-export, freight handling and related insurance and administration.

The constant search for new suppliers and new commercial outlets is one of the prerequisites of competitiveness but it is time-consuming and absorbs the entrepreneur’s expertise and resources. Veco Midddle East helps in this regard by utilizing existing contacts or breaking new ground, though always assuring local support through its network and partners to forge success with you. Our consultants have a long years of international trade experience so that its clients may approach it with the utmost reassurance.